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Restore a damaged tooth with a custom-made crown

A dental crown is an ideal way to restore strength and function to a broken, cracked or decayed tooth. Often a crown is a highly suitable alternative to a standard filling if the size of the cavity has grown and the tooth can no longer support it. A crown will also often be used to finish off a tooth when it has been root filled.

What is a crown?

A crown is a manufactured cover, which is placed over a tooth to protect it from infection or further damage, restore its attractiveness and allow you to use it in comfort. This cover can be made from a variety of materials including gold, metals, resin, porcelain or ceramic. We will advise you on the best material, first taking into account the type of tooth to be restored, where it is in your mouth (and therefore how strong the crown needs to be) and your own personal preference.

Many patients opt for ceramic or porcelain which is fused to a metal base for optimum strength and fit. For the larger back teeth which are not quite so noticeable, gold or metal alloy is often recommended as these teeth suffer from the most wear and tear and must withstand considerable pressure when you eat. Gold is the most expensive option but will offer the optimum in strength and durability.

Whatever material is selected, your crown will be made to perfectly match your existing teeth in both shape and size ensuring that it feels natural and comfortable.

With good care at home and by attending regular check-ups to allow us to keep an eye on your crown, it could last for many years- making it a very cost-effective way of restoring a tooth in the long-term.

Fitting a crown:

Your old tooth will need to be prepared before we can place the new crown. This will involve removing any old fillings and/or decayed parts of the tooth. Additional enamel may also need to be removed to create enough space for the crown to fit in line with your existing teeth. We will first give you an anaesthetic injection to ensure that you feel no pain.

Following this, an impression of the prepared tooth will be taken and your new crown will be designed and manufactured ready for your fitting appointment a week or so later.

At your final fitting appointment we will make sure that you are happy with the size and fit of your new crown. Only then will it be secured in place with a strong dental adhesive.