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Replace several missing teeth with modern, comfortable and attractive dentures- available now at Blagreaves Dental.

A number of missing teeth can cause significant problems on both a personal and practical level.

For the majority, self-confidence can be damaged badly, while other patients will also suffer with oral problems as a result; bad breath, increased risks of gum disease and the unwanted movement of remaining teeth. Many people will also notice difficulty when eating which can start to cause severe limitations with their diet overtime.

There really are many reasons why it’s so important to replace your missing teeth as a matter of urgency.

Modern dentures – so much to smile about!

In the past, dentures (or false teeth) have been seen as undesirable thanks to their ill-fit which can make them uncomfortable, very obvious and difficult to wear.

Today, however modern dentures are completely different. New materials allow us to provide flexible yet very strong and durable dentures which will sit in your mouth securely. Finally feel confident in your ability to do everything you would have done with your natural teeth.

Our dentures are well-fitted and highly comfortable, often there is no need for denture adhesives. Thanks to their natural look and attractive finish, it is often impossible for anyone to even tell you have dentures.

We’ll make your dentures look as realistic and natural as possible.

In order to make the finish and feel of your new dentures as natural as possible we’ll take into account a number of factors, including the height of your natural teeth, the muscles in your mouth, your centre bite and the support required for certain facial features (such as the lips and cheeks).

We’ll also consider the size, shape and colour of the false teeth to be placed on the denture taking into account your personal desires for your new smile. Many patients are keen that their new dentures don’t look too ‘perfect’ and will ask for features such as slightly wonky teeth or old fillings to be placed on their new denture. Rather than having a beautifully straight and white smile, which looks completely different to before, their new dentures end up looking just like their old teeth did.

It is usually possible to accommodate any request so please don’t feel worried about asking. We’ll try our best to provide you with the perfect set of dentures.

The benefits of dentures:

What type of dentures is for me?

We can provide full and partial dentures.

A full denture is necessary in the event that all teeth are missing- or need to be extracted. A full denture can be fitted in the top and/or bottom of the mouth and will incorporates a plastic gum coloured arch with a full set of crowns attached.

A partial denture can be used to replace several missing teeth. A gum coloured plastic or metal plate will have the necessary crowns attached as required. The plate will be held in place with metal hooks anchoring to your existing teeth.

Both full and partial dentures can be easily removed for cleaning.

Making your dentures:

Every patient is different and therefore the work involved and length of time necessary in the production of your dentures will vary.

Several appointments will be required so that we can check the health of your mouth and fully measure your gums. This process is important as it will allow us to make your dentures as secure, comfortable and natural looking as possible.

Following your initial consultation we will produce a treatment plan, which will set out the projected timings and cost.

When you are happy to proceed, impressions of your mouth will be taken. These will be used to produce an initial wax model which we will place in your mouth to check a number of things such as size, fit and bite.

The wax model will be modified as necessary and used to produce your final denture. Around 1 to 2 weeks later it should be ready and at this point you’ll be invited in for a fitting appointment.

Caring for your dentures:

Your new dentures will be strong and durable and have the potential to last for many years. You can help to look after them in a number of ways. Don’t forget about your gums and any remaining teeth which will be holding your denture in place.

Are you experiencing problems with your dentures?

If you have any problems with your dentures or notice any changes- such as clicking, a loosening fit or uncomfortable spots on the gum it’s important to get them looked at quickly.

Bleeding in the gums or the development of bad breath can indicate the presence of gum disease and we recommend that you visit us at the earliest opportunity.