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Find out how our expert hygienist services could protect the health of your mouth

At Blagreaves Dental, our friendly and caring dental hygienists provide a comprehensive range of oral health services for our patients.

One of the main jobs of the hygienist is to make sure your teeth and gums are clean and healthy. They do this by deep cleaning and polishing your teeth to remove any build-up of plaque.

Never underestimate the importance of a professional tooth clean. Within just one 20 minute appointment you’ll notice a much fresher, more comfortable mouth and often improved breath.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you brush, floss and rinse at home, it’s simply not possible to remove every last bit of bacteria and dirt on your teeth. As a result, a very fine layer of plaque begins to build on the teeth and gums, slowly hardening into tartar overtime. When it is left, your chances of gum disease increase significantly. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults in the UK although many of us don’t even know we have it! Click here to find out more about the dangers of gum disease.

As well as keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, our hygienists can answer any questions you have. They can advise you regarding your diet, explain how any habits such as smoking affect your teeth and also demonstrate teeth cleaning products such as floss, single tuft brushes and bridge needles so that you know how to use them correctly.

If you do have any areas of concern then they will check these for you – pointing you in the direction of the dentist if necessary. With regular care, a hygienist can also pick up on changes in the mouth which could indicate mouth cancer.

At Blagreaves, our patients also benefit from our hygienists being fully qualified to undertake routine dental treatments on behalf of the dentist. These include administering local-anaesthetics, taking x-rays and impressions and applying fissure sealants. This greatly helps to reduce waiting times for our more standard procedures.

So, in short, for the best chances of a healthy, strong and fresh mouth in the future, it is highly advised you book a visit to the hygienist in-between regular dental appointments, whilst always ensuring a good tooth cleaning routine at home.

Even if it’s been several years since your last trip to the hygienist don’t feel embarrassed or scared. It really will be worth it.

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