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Tooth Whitening

For a beautiful and bright smile that gets healthier with treatment.

Overtime our teeth can start to look a little dull and lacking in shine. Tooth whitening is a great way to restore your former brightness, allowing you to show off a smile you are proud of once again.

Unfortunately our teeth can become discoloured in a number of ways. A diet heavy in dark food and drink is usually the most common cause. Smoking also contributes significantly to the darkening of the tooth enamel. A tooth that has been root canal filled can become darker over time – while some large amalgam fillings can also discolour a tooth. Certain long-term medications can cause our teeth to turn yellow or brown overtime.

Home whitening treatment

Whitening treatment for use in the comfort of your own home – we can quickly and comfortably take impressions of your teeth to provide you with a set of trays. These trays can be placed on your teeth at your convenience. You simply need to wear them for between 30 and 60 minutes each day over a period of around 2 weeks. If you do forget, don’t worry as our take-home kits afford you some flexibility. Stop and start as required, the effects will still be the same.

Whiter and healthier teeth

An added bonus of tooth whitening is that it won’t just improve the look of your teeth, it can often improve the feel of them too. Following treatment, many patients say that their teeth feel healthier, stronger and less sensitive than they did before.

How to look after whitened teeth

Following your whitening treatment you are sure to be very pleased with your new smile. Do bear in mind though that tooth whitening doesn’t last forever and will need to be repeated at some point in the future to maintain the best effect. If you’ve chosen a home whitening kit simply keep hold of your specially made trays and we can supply you with extra whitening gels as required. Speak to a member of staff for more information.

It’s important to pay close attention to your diet in order to help keep your teeth looking white for as long as possible. Consume those food and drinks which are known to stain your teeth (red wine, berries, coffee, coca cola, rum etc.) in moderation.

Giving up smoking can also significantly help to slow down the discolouration process.

Always brush your teeth twice a day to help keep them as clean as possible and visit your hygienist for regular scaling and polishing.

Tooth whitening on ‘false teeth’.

Tooth whitening will have no effect on manufactured teeth such as fillings, crowns, bridges or dentures although it is possible to replace such restorations in order to make them match.

The safety of tooth whitening

Tooth whitening products are used worldwide by many millions of people each years. They are highly safe when carried out under the guidance of a registered and fully-qualified dentist. You should never use products which have been bought online or in places such as a market. Avoid anyone who offers them at hairdressing or beauty salons.

Illegal teeth whitening products have the potential to seriously damage your teeth and should be avoided at all costs. Some can contain dangerously high levels of bleach while others have none at all! If you are keen to get your teeth whitened it’s important to have it done properly in order to avoid serious issues with your teeth and gums in the future.

If you are interested in tooth whitening call us today to find out more.