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Natural looking veneers to transform your smile

At Blagreaves Dental practice we provide supreme quality porcelain and ceramic veneers which can be used to improve the size, shape and look of any tooth (or teeth) that you are unhappy with.

The placement of a veneer is a quick, simple and pain-free process with the minimum of preparation required.

Following the removal of a tiny amount of surface enamel from the existing tooth, your veneer will be attached with a durable dental adhesive – helping to hold it securely in place.

With each veneer expertly crafted for you, the results will look beautifully natural. As we make use of the strongest and most reliable materials this means that you can also be assured of its’ strength and potential to last for many years.

So, if you have a damaged, discoloured or slightly twisted tooth you’d like to change why not call us today to find out how we could make your smile look exactly how you want it to.

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