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We’ll help you get a smile you can be proud of.

Are you keen to straighten crooked teeth, close annoying gaps or improve your bite?

Are you an adult patient looking to transform the look of your teeth or restore a previously straightened smile which has been lost over time?

Braces are the most commonly used, effective and safe way to move your teeth – helping to improve the look, function and overall oral health of your mouth.

While braces are most often used by younger patients (due to the detection of bite and misalignments issues in the early years), orthodontic treatment is now also very popular with adult patients.

Many of our adult patients are excited by the very modern types of brace now available which allow them to straighten their teeth more quickly, affordably and discreetly than ever before.

While some adults never had the chance to benefit from orthodontic treatment in their childhood, others have found that the beautiful smile they gained as a teenager has continued to move (this is unfortunately very common when a retainer is not worn).

Whatever your requirements, at Blagreaves Dental we can offer fixed braces and removable aligners to help you get the smile you are dreaming of.

Which type of brace should I have?

The type of brace you need will depend on a number of things including; the final results you desire, the number of teeth that need to be moved and the type of movements that are required.

Fixed braces are the most commonly placed type of brace. They allow for very effective results as we are able to move every tooth very precisely, usually in the quickest way. Fixed braces can be used on top and bottom teeth and are suitable for a wide variety of corrections.

We are also pleased to provide Smile Tru clear removable positioners. These are a great alternative to fixed braces for anyone looking to deal with less complex issues or who might simply like to improve the alignment of their front teeth. You can find out more about here.

Your tooth straightening

Before any tooth straightening treatment begins your teeth and gums will be fully checked for any signs of decay or other problems. It’s likely that x-rays, photos and impressions will all be used.

If required, removal of any teeth will take place before your brace is fitted or you are supplied with your positioners. Where are fixed brace is being placed, plastic separators may be used in advance to make additional space between the teeth.

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, it’s important you attend regular check-ups (as scheduled) so that your teeth can be checked. A fixed brace will also require regular adjustment. These visits will help keep your treatment on track and ensure that it is finishes as expected.

Keeping your beautiful new smile looking great:

As our teeth are set in soft, pliable tissue they can often continue to move following any type of orthodontic treatment. Particularly in the first few years’ movement is highly likely, as the gums need time to harden. Many adults with relapsed straightened teeth will vouch for this!

For this reason, it is always recommended you wear a retainer – no matter what type of brace you had.

We can provide you with a removable appliance for use at night. Other patients prefer a permanent lingual brace to be fitted on the inside surface of their teeth.

We can advise you on the type required and the length of time you will need it.

Start your journey to a beautiful new smile

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